Value and Commitment

  • Ethics. IABEE upholds ethics and integrity in performing its duties, applying the highest standards of professionalism, fairness and accountability.
  • Confidentiality of Information. Information provided by institution undergoing the evaluation process, and information generated from the evaluation activities will be treated with confidentiality, and will not be disclosed without specific written authorization by IABEE and the institution being evaluated.
  • Conflict of Interest. IABEE ensures the objectivity, accountability and credibility of the accreditation process, so that potential conflicts of interest are minimized.
  • Openness and Efficiency. Accreditation Criteria, Rules and Procedures, and Accreditation Schedules can be accessed openly from IABEE’s website. Almost the entire accreditation process from enrollment to submission of results is done online to minimize paper and transportation needs, and ensure timeliness.