Vision and Mission


The Indonesian Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (IABEE) is a reformer and stimulator for accelerating the progress of engineering higher education in Indonesia to produce innovative human resources and engineering innovation for improving human welfare in general and Indonesian society in particular.


  • To promote quality improvement of engineering higher education through accreditation to produce autonomous professionals appropriate to the needs of stakeholders,
  • To facilitate development of engineering higher education systems that emphasizes on continual quality improvement towards global quality standards,
  • To encourage communication and partnerships between engineering higher education institutions and stakeholders to effectively utilize local resources and wisdom for the welfare of the community, and
  • To support the dissemination of innovations on advancement of engineering higher education


  • IABEE accreditation is a tool for study programs to ensure the implementation of outcome-based education that meets international standards and qualifications through continual quality improvement.
  • IABEE plays a role in preparing Indonesian workers who are able to develop synergies in line with the global mobility of engineering practitioners.