Evaluation Process for Accreditation

As IABEE offers two types of accreditation, consequently it also carries out two different evaluation processes, i.e. Evaluation process for General Accreditation (EGA) and that for Provisional Accreditation (EPA). The main difference between the two lies in number of steps they undergo and number of program evaluators involved in each process. Evaluation process for GA involves 3 program evaluators for each program, with one being the team chair, meanwhile only one evaluator is involved in PA evaluation. In terms of number of steps, EGA involves 30 steps, while EPA only has 22 steps.

Detailed information for both evaluation types is also provided in the Rules and Procedures for Evaluation and Accreditation (RPEA) document.

Despite the above difference, both types of evaluation start and finish at the same date in an accreditation cycle and share almost the same sequences. Sequences of an evaluation for accreditation include the following:

  • Account registration for Program Representative (PR) and Program Operating Institution
  • Representative (POIR) in the IABEE Online Evaluation System.
  • Request for evaluation (or re-evaluation in the case where a GA status is nearly expired; re-evaluation is not applicable for PA).
  • Submit Program Profile and Self-Evaluation Report
  • Review and on-site visit planning
  • On-site visit
  • Draft evaluation report
  • 30-day response (not applicable in PA)
  • Final evaluation report
  • Accreditation decision
  • Appeal and reconsideration (not applicable in PA)

The entire evaluation process for accreditation from application, payment, document submissions, review and reporting, as well as announcement of accreditation decision is undertaken solely through the IABEE Online Evaluation System. The system also provides and records all communications between representative of a program being evaluated and its evaluation team chair, as well as between team chair and members of evaluation team.

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