Requirements To Be Evaluators

The process of recruiting candidates for IABEE evaluators is conducted in coordination with the relevant Discipline Chapters (BK) of PII.

  1. Have commitment to develop higher engineering education in Indonesia.
  2. Have an academic qualification in the appropriate field from reputable university (domestic university with accreditation of study program A or foreign university whose reputation is recognized by Minister of Research and Technology and Higher Education).
  3. Registered as a member of PII.
  4. Have certificate as professional educator and or certification as professional engineer with minimum level of Professional Engineer (IPM).
  5. Have a good reputation from the professional and ethical side.
  6. Have a commitment to improve his ability to follow the professional development and continuous high engineering education (lifelong learning)
  7. Have good skills in working online and with word processing programs and data.
  8. Pass the IABEE candidate evaluator training and have followed the IABEE accreditation process as an observer.
  9. Have experience as a Lecturer or Professional Engineer for at least 10 years.