Obtaining Accreditation

In order to obtain international accredited status by IABEE, study program should pay attention on accreditation process which is updated every year. Here, Study program shall pay attention on the following matters;


1. Process Support

IABEE regularly provide socialization about IABEE accreditation through seminars and training. In this activity, the study program can get detail information regarding the requirement and what should be done to be accredited by IABEE. Seminar and training activities are socialized in various locations, according to the schedule set.

2. Accreditation Steps

During application registration, study program shall fill online self evaluation and upload scanned necessary documents. In addition, study program should provide mapping matrix from study program’s learning outcome to IABEE’s learning outcome as specified in common criteria.

3. After Accreditation

After accredited, the study program can publish the status in social media both internal and public. The study program should also performs continuous improvement based on Plan -Do – Check – Act process which becomes the evaluation criteria for accreditation. In which, the study program will be better in the next accreditation evaluation.